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Build The World is a Canada-based international human resources and management consulting company providing recruitment, staffing, selection and placement services.
With nearly 10 years of corporate work experience, a management team and a dynamic team of consultants, Build The World is able to accurately meet the talent needs of domestic and international companies. In short; it ensures that the right people do the right job at the right time.

It supports the profitability of the company by using different recruitment techniques to provide long-term jobs, especially in call centers with high employee turnover, direct sales companies.

The most important goal of Build The World, Canada’s largest human resources and management consulting firm, which is growing confidently, is to be the first company that comes to mind in its field.

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We are a Construction company, which is providing several professions at oil & gas and heavy industrial crevices.
Our main office is in Toronto, ON, Canada.
We established our European company in 2022 and already started working with a couple of European companies in Amsterdam and Belgium.
Furthermore, we have more than 3000 professional employees who have international experience of more than 5 years as an expat in several countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Holland, Belgium, France etc.
Our services include:
Scaffolding, Welding, Pipefitting, Painting and Sandblasting, Asbestos removal, Insulation, Electrical, Valve (Oil & Gas, Chemical etc.) service, inspection, maintenance, certificate, Rope Access etc.
If our services are interesting to you we are ready to cooperate.

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